With a great desire to create, I continually seek out and expose myself to discussions and techniques, challenging my idea of what art is and how to express myself within it. Balancing glass shapes, colors and patterns creating functional and decorative vessels over the last 10 years has been my tool.

The studio became my classroom as I began my education, creating jewelry forms, and then on to platters, bowls and sushi sets exploring the functional side of glass.  After carving, painting and designing fused collections, a new side of glass was revealed in the form of casting.  Fusing evolved into thick cast forms and then on to my current study in pate de verre.

With pate de verre a more mystical side of creation through the sculpting of clay bowls, boats, and vessels are coming to form.  A clay structure is recreated with glass powders and frits alowing me to express myself painting with glass.

I hope you’ll join me through this journey!

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