I’ve explored many techniques within glass as my medium as you will see from my gallery.  The gallery is broken down to showcase different building and firing processes and expressions.


Jewelry for me, is a way to play with color, patterns and cold-working the glass.  I began exploring jewelry making while recycling glass, using beer, wine and perfume bottles as my medium.  They were cut and kiln fired before stringing and layering between metals and leathers.  I added a line of pearl and abalone jewelry to the collection, exploring my interest in oceanic life and nature.


I love creating glass for everyday life!  Glass brought to a dinner table is exciting and unexpected.  Bowls, plates and platters stay hot or cold and they are easy to clean.   If you choose a purely decorative option, light captured and reflected will enhance the beauty and energy of any space.


After a stay at Pilchuck Glass School studying techniques under a great Korean glass master, my glass found a new voice.  Casting glass allowed me a new dimension in which the forms took on more weight and structural integrity. Creating boxes allowed me to construct enlightening new shapes with an enhanced view of the behavior of glass.  I began adding lids, and at times found objects, creating an unexpected element.

Pate de Verre:

Once again I’m exploring a new side of glass with an extreme shift in technique and process.  Each piece begins with a clay sculpted form which is molded and recreated in glass.  The delicateness of the process begs me to lightened my physical impact while allowing my expressive side to weigh in.  Pate de verre combines all that I’ve explored and love about working as an artists in one culminative moment.

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